Sunday, September 12, 2010

Knowing what you don't like

We all know what we like and it's very easy, at least for me to say I like this! But how often do we look at something or an experience and find we really don't like it and say to ourselves, "I never wanna do that again." Usually when I experience something distasteful I make myself forget about it. But this is a horrible thing to do! If I forget about what I don't like then I'll constantly fall in the trap of experiencing that thing over again.

I never wanna lose myself again. I hate being completely out of control of my mind that time speeds by and all I have left are bits and pieces of memories of what might or might not have happened. I can assume you know what I'm talking about. I dislike that state of mind.

So, how can I stop myself from falling into that place? For me it's doing what I'm doing right now; talking about it. Talking to friend, writing in a journal, or allowing my hands to explain my feelings through gestures; this is how I stop the habits. And this can be applied to anything but the true test is when friends ask you go do something you don't like. Ultimately you might go just to hang out but with peer pressure added into the mix its even easier to fall into an uncomfortable place. I'd rather hang out with friends who share my same dislikes and likes than to hang out with friends that have conflicting likes. Friends are friends and I can't change them, I can only change myself. I don't wanna stop being friends just because they do something I dislike but I will probably only hang out with them when they are doing things I like as well.

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